3 Ingredient Breakfast Cookie Recipe

3 Ingredient Breakfast Cookie Recipe You read it right, 3 Ingredient Breakfast Cookie Recipe. Everyone deserves a cookie for breakfast. This easy cookie recipes contains oats, banana and chocolate chips. It’s easy to make and tastes great, too. Plus, it’s not only for breakfast. You can enjoy this 3 Ingredient Breakfast Cookie Recipe anytime of the day! The banana and chocolate go together well in any dessert recipe, and these cookies are no exception! I […]

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Cherry Chip Cake Mix Cookies with Sprinkles

If you love cake mix cookies, you will want to devour this spin on the traditional treat. These Cherry Chip Cake Mix Cookies are simply delicious and the colorful sprinkles on top make them a yummy and bright dessert. Cherry Chip Cake Mix Cookies with Sprinkles Ingredients 1  cherry chip cake mix 2  eggs ½ cup butter (room temperature) ¼ cup oil Candy sprinkles (as desired) Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, combine […]

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Grandma’s Sand Tart Cookies

Grandma's Sand Tart Cookies Recipe

Nothing is better during the holidays than an old family recipe. They’re fun to make year round and they have that added benefit of reminding us of our loved ones. I think most people who love to cook or bake have someone in their past that inspired that love! Whether it was grilling with dad or baking cookies with Grandma it’s never a bad time to bust out those old favorites and whip up a […]

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Fruit Cookie Pizza

This delicious Fruit Cookie Pizza is perfect for hot summer days, picnics, and more! Easy to make, use your favorite fruits!

Fruit Cookie  Pizza Pizza is probably something that everyone enjoys in some form or another. Over the years the pizza has morphed and changed to suit every style and appetite. We have veggie pizzas, pizza with cheese in the crust, pizza’s that are made from all kinds of wacky ingredients, and now we even have dessert pizzas! This Fruit Cookie Pizza is probably one of the more sweet and delicious pizza’s I’ve ever had! It’s […]

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White Chocolate Dipped Sugar Wafers

Are you looking for an easy recipe even kids can make? When it comes to recipes, I say the simpler the better. White Chocolate Dipped Sugar Wafers is one of those recipes. This sweet cookie treat can be ready in less than 5 minutes.  This recipe is a Valentine’s Day theme, but you could change the cookie flavor or sprinkles color to fit any occasion. White Chocolate Dipped Sugar Wafers For our cookie treats we used strawberry […]

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