#Repurposed Milk Jug Ghost Halloween Crafts

Milk Jug Ghosts are so quick and easy to create and they were a huge hit in our house!! Sorry the picture didn’t turn out the best. I wanted to get a night time picture to show the true “ghost” look.

We drink a lot of milk and iced tea in this house. Which means we have to make plenty of trips to the recycling bins each month. I am always trying to find ways to repurpose those empty jugs. If it’s not a craft like the Milk Jug Ghost, it’s a scoop, plant cover or water storage in case the power goes out. You can always find an alternate use if you try hard enough.

When I found this Arts To Crafts tutorial I knew the milk jug ghost would be right at home on our front steps. We don’t get a lot of action on Halloween night, but it’s nice to have a few decorations just in case someone decides to knock on our door and say, “Trick or Treat.”

I lit up the ghosts with these battery operated tea lights (affiliate link) you can find on the Amazon site.

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Supply List for Milk Jug Ghosts:

  • Empty clean milk jugs
  • Battery operated tea light(affiliate link)
  • Scissors
  • Black Paint Marker or Black Paint & Brush

Steps to Create Milk Jug Ghosts:

  • Be sure to properly clean milk jug and allow to dry
  • Use your paint to create the face of the ghost.  You can create any design on the milk jug and allow the kids  to create their own as well
  • On the backside of your milk jug right below where the handle is use your scissors (affiliate link) to cut a hole to allow you to put in the battery operated tea light
  • Turn on the tea light to create light the ghost up!!!

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