How to Save Money With A Gift Closet

How to Save Money with a Gfit Closet

How to Save Money with a Gfit Closet

Every year billions of people scramble from October to December to come up with gifts for heir loved ones during the holiday season. This week in our series on frugal living, we want to help you overcome that by teaching you How to Save Money With A Gift Closet. This doesn’t have to be an actual closet, but it is a method of purchasing gifts throughout the year to be used as needed during the holiday season.


Shop post holiday clearance sales. One of the biggest ways to create a great gift closet is to take advantage of post holiday clearance sales. The largest holiday clearance sales to check out for gifts are going to be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. Each of these holidays will provide you with a chance to pick up items like cologne and perfume gift sets, candles, basic décor and even costumes and toys. Watch for items that can be used as neutral décor or gifts without having to depend upon the holiday to be useful.

Shop end of season sales. At the end of each season many items will go on sale at deep discounts Things like clothing, bedding, linens, home décor and even toy can all be marked down at the end of each season. Watch for great deals on items that can easily be gifted to your friends and family for everything from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings.

Shop last years models. Whenever a new version or model comes out, there is an opportunity to pick up the last model at a better price. These events happen year round, so if you are looking to purchase a big ticket item like a TV, Blu-Ray player, cell phone or even game system watch for the latest models to be released. Check for lower prices on the last model, or even potentially the display model in stores.

Building up a great gift closet is the perfect way to slowly create a stockpile of items you can use year round at a fraction of the cost. There are so many ways to save money doing this, but the biggest is to see small purchases throughout the year when affordable instead of several large purchases all at once at the end of the year.

Do you save money with a gift closet?

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  • clojo9372

    I tried leaving this comment last night but I believe something was wrong with WordPress because it never posted. I think this is a really great idea! I NEVER do my holiday shopping during the holiday season, I like to do it in the middle of the year or just after Christmas. Yes it’s a long wait for next Christmas to roll around but I feel like I get better savings that way.

  • I started doing something like this when my kids were small and seemed to get invited to birthday parties almost every week. I started buying suitable gifts whenever I saw them on sale – no more rushing out last minute (wrapping it in the car!) and spending double what I wanted to.
    Ever since I’ve always picked up bargains all year, the only problem I have is that some people are so easy to find things for that I have 2 or 3 years worth of gifts for them in my present box!

  • A gift closet is a great idea! My best friend shops clearance aisles at Walmart and Dollar General. She gets so many things super cheap and has a gift closet room! lol Hope to see you again at #HomeMattersParty

  • I used to do this when my kids was younger. But now they are 21 & 16 and WAY to picky. Also I have found buying clothes for others normally gets that aaahhhhh well thank you look but I never see them wear it so I figured for me its money wasted. HOWEVER I do this method for other gifts I KNOW they are looking for or WILL in fact use! Happy to peek at your post via the link up today girl!

  • This is such a great tip! I need to do this a little more regularly! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  • I love this idea. I don’t actually have a gift “closet” because I live in a really small house and space is at a premium, but I do have a drawer where I put gifts. I love going to local festivals / markets and finding incredible handmade items. I started by putting chocolate items in the drawer so they would stay nice and cool and out of the way. Now, I add to the present drawer when I find things. I always like to have something on hand in case I am invited over to someone’s house. Jars of honey or preserves are perfect for the present drawer and I know I will always have them on hand when needed. I’m so glad to discover someone believes in this too!

  • Yes, I do! I have a bookcase in my basement that holds after season buys, clearance and tag sale goodies. Right now I have four adorable rabbit planters waiting for Easter next year to give to my office staff. I pick up little things all year long, and when the holidays hit, I can leisurely wrap and figure out what I still need to do early. There are Christmas bowls there too, and will get filled with little stocking stuffer candies and fruit for this year.

  • I will also need a gift closet reminder list. I used to buy presents throughout the year and hide them under beds, behind the sofa, etc, and forget about them. Nothing like spring cleaning and finding the items you hid the year before!

  • These are all great ideas, I’ve always tried to purchase items throughout the year for Christmas gifts as well as end of season sales. It all helps. Pinning. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  • Vicki

    We actually have a Christmas Closet. I do buy at the after Christmas sales a lot. I found that most things maybe wrapped in Christmas type wrapping or colors. So I unwrap it and repackage it to the appropriate gift wrapping. I use baskets or tubs to put the items in and wrap it all pretty. So Christmas doesn’t have to be just for Christmas. But I packed away my SIL’s bday gift some where he wouldn’t look and now I cannot find it! Wish me luck I only have two weeks to find it. LOL

    Oh and my kids thought Christmas came all year long, since I would find things I had hid from them and forgot about. Had to give them to them because if not they would not fit by the next year!

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