Easy Tips on How to Cut an Onion

Have you been wondering how to cut an onion? It may seem like a simple task for many, but newer cooks may not know the ins and outs of dicing an onion for a recipe. I’ve taken the liberty of showing you how to cut the vegetable so that you can add it to soups, sauces, or any other dish you’d like to spice up!

Learn how to cut an onion for your favorite recipe!

How to Cut an Onion


1 large onion
1 sharp knife


1. Cut off the NON root end of the onion and discard.

2. Peel the onion of its brown papery covering.

3. Beginning with the horizontal cuts, hold the onion with your non dominant hand. Hold the knife horizontally with the blade is going across the thickness of the onion. Starting from near the bottom, make a horizontal cut into the onion. DO NOT complete the cut, be sure to stop before the end of the onion.

4. Make the identical cut again, but now halfway up the height of the onion.
5. Make one last identical horizontal cut again, near the top of the height of the onion.
6. Rotate the onion so that the root end is farthest away from you and the cut end of the onion is facing you.

7. Starting from the top, make a series of cuts similar to the horizontal cuts you just did, although this time, they will be vertical cuts. Start with your knife on the far right end and make a cut from the top through to the bottom of the onion, again, being sure not to have the knife cut into the root end of the onion.
8. Make another 2 cuts in the onion identical to the cut you just did, but of course moving your cuts through the width of the onion.
9. Lastly, hold the onion again like you did in the step 3. This time, you simply slice the onion as you might normally slice anything else – working from the cut end towards the root end. At this point you can slice as close to the root end that you can carefully and comfortably do.

The pieces in your onion are now diced.

You’ll need this tutorial if you are cooking a meal big or small. If you are planning on stuffing a turkey, check out our post for helpful tips.


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