Healthy Lifestyle Choices at Work

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When you work in an office full of people that love to share, sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan is a struggle! At least once a week there’s cookies, cake or some other sweet goodies afloat in the office for all of us to enjoy. I definitely like to sneak a sweet treat every now and then, but I don’t want to over indulge. Sticking to my plan is important to me and I need to make sure I focus on the end goal. A better, healthier me!

Healthy Lifestyle Choices at Work

Healthy Lifestyle Choices at Work

What do you do when the office food pusher shows up at your desk with a plate full of fat and calories?

Have a plan!

Warn you co-workers well in advance that you are trying to make healthy lifestyle choices. If you give them notice, hopefully they will respect your choices and not get offended when you pass up on a sweet treat. If you don’t want to pass up the treat (it’s all about moderation) share the goody with another co-worker, wrap some up for home or secretly put the leftovers in the trash. Shhh….don’t tell.

It’s lunchtime and everyone is ordering takeout from the local food joint. What can you do?

Healthy Lifestyle Lunch box ideas

Have a plan!

If you have a lunchbox packed full of healthy choices awaiting you, it will be much easier to pass on the office takeout orders.

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If your office has a microwave you can have a healthy and delicious meal packed with more than 18 grams of 100-percent natural protein that is under 310 calories and will be ready in just minutes.

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Simply Cafe Steamers

Healthy Choice is the only major brand in the frozen meals section that can call 100% of its products “healthy” as approved by the FDA. The Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers are available in a large variety of flavors. Meatball Marinara and Lemon Herb Chicken are my current favorites.

Find a Healthy Buddy

Team up with an office mate and hold each other accountable to healthy lifestyle choices. My office buddy reminds me to get up and move every hour. We often share tips and tricks to make each other better. We even trade food, recipes and meal plans. It’s definitely easier to practice a healthy lifestyle at work with an advocate on your side.

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan at work is easier than you think. Be persistent and remind yourself of the ultimate a goal. A healthier, better you awaits!

Healthy Choice Meatball Marinara

You can find Healthy Choice Café Steamers in the freezer aisle at grocery stores nationwide for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3.29.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • This is such a great all inclusive list on how to stay healthy and live a happy and long life. I would add only one more thing to it: have your “Me” time, a little bit every day. Recharge your batteries, relax, do anything you want that makes you happy for a few minutes. Every Single Day!

  • These are excellent tips! When I was in the work force, I had to go into the office with a clear plan. Otherwise, I’d just gorge on donuts and cheese balls.

  • These look great! My husband likes quick and easy meals for work and these are good healthy options.

  • Having a buddy is so important. I have one that I walk with a few times a week and it definitely helps keep you motivated.

  • I don’t work in an office but these would be handy to have on hand instead of the choices in my fridge!! Having an accountability buddy is so important as well.

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