Dr Seuss Activities Crafts and Snacks

Dr. Seuss Activities full of crafts and snacks that the kids will love!

Dr Seuss Activities

Who doesn’t love Dr Seuss and all of his fun and entertaining books? Dr. Seuss’s birthday is celebrated each year on March 2nd and his birthday is frequently paired with Read Across America festivities. Celebrating an iconic author with Dr. Seuss activities can make the day a lot of fun for kids and parents, too. Celebrating Dr. Seuss and Read Across America is the perfect way to encourage kids to fall in love with reading. Reading books and using hands on crafts, recipes and games will bring the book to life and expand the stories in so many creative ways.

When my kids were in elementary school, I didn’t have the luxury of Pinterest (I am old!) to find all of the amazing Dr. Seuss activities. I had to go to the library, ask friends and even make the activities up from scratch. Serving green eggs and ham was always our favorite way to start the day. Scramble up a few eggs, stir in some fresh or frozen spinach, add chopped ham and your ready to start celebrating Dr. Seuss. Read the book at the breakfast table and it’s a win win for all.

Have fun with all of these Dr Seuss activities, crafts and snacks!

What is your favorite Dr Seuss activity?

  1. Finger Painting Lorax Trees
  2. DIY Lorax Costume
  3. Dr Seuss Breakfast
  4. Lorax Felt Story Board
  5. Dr Seuss Lorax Tangerine Snack
  6. Horton Hears a Who Marshmallow Pops
  7. Plant a Truffula Tree
  8. Lorax T-Shirt Craft
  9. Green Eggs and Ham Pretzels
  10. Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Jello
  11. The Lorax Flower Pot Craft
  12. Lorax Nutter Butter Cookies
  13. Cat In The Hat Hat
  14. Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Pencil Toppers
  15. Lorax Pencil Can
  16. DIY Cat In The Hat Socks
  17. Lorax Veggie Tray
  18. Healthy Lorax Snack Craft
  19. Cat In The Hats Desserts

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