DIY Candy Corn Craft Perfect For Fall!

DIY Candy Corn Craft


DIY Candy Corn Craft is a new favorite in our house!!!!  Plus since its fairly frugal and is even possible to do with stuff on hand!!! Personally I didn’t have the stuff on hand but found it at Walmart (And we now have yarn left for the next craft)!  My kids were able to assist in the craft so we had some great conversation going about the upcoming season and discussion on our favorite fall foods!!

DIY Candy Corn Craft Supply List

Now for the easy steps:

  •  Be careful with the cones!! I didn’t realize the tip of mine was broken when I bought it until I opened it at home.  My son now says it looks like someone took a bite out of it! I love the final effect I just hadn’t realized how breakable these really are.
  • Choose which end to start on, I had chosen the bottom but I think it may have been smoother to start at the top. I place the start of my yarn on the cone and wove around it to “tuck it in” but if I had ended on the bottom i could have tapped it.   With ending on the top I tucked it on the back side and it looks good on the front so I am happy!
  • You can have the kids help! Mine held the yarn

What’s your favorite fall DIY craft? I am excited to find more fall decor projects to create!

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